Drawings & Install Templates

Several types of drawings are available. Some of these drawings are full size while others are made on an 8-1/2" x 11" piece of paper

The following are options for common drawings & templates:

  1. PLOT:Full size plot drawing, showing actual style and size desired by customer.  This drawing is then sent Fed-Ex or UPS to the customer as they desire.


  2. LINE DRAWING:An 8-1/2" x 11" drawing, showing the letter style and copy desired.  A description of the style, size and material will be provided on the drawing.  The drawing also gives an approximate line length, rounded off to the closest foot.


  3. POUNCE:A pounce pattern is an outline drawing of letters ordered, full size, made on a plotter with a pounce tool instead of a pen.  This tool punches small holes into the paper, following the exact outline of the letters.  The installer will then tape this drawing on the wall and "dust" the surface with chalk.  The chalk will create a "dusting outline" of the letters on the wall that is then used as a guide for installing plain or pad mounted letters. 


  4. PATTERN:Full size mounting patterns are tracing of letters, either by hand or with a computer driven plotter.  The letters, with studs screwed into the back or blocks, are then punched through the paper to show the exact location of the studs.  Once taped onto a wall, the hole locations are then drilled and filled with adhesive for any installation using a threaded stud.


  5. STENCIL GUIDES: Stencil is a full size cutout of smaller letters.  Guide for installing plain, pad or double face tape letters.  Guide is taped to wall, letter set inside cutout, adhered to wall.

    Split Stencil is a partial cutout of bottom portion of the letters above the baseline, plus 2" below the baseline that provides a perfect way to install plain, pad or double face tape flat cut out letters.  This split stencil is generated using the same file that we use to produce your letters. 


  6. SPACING GUIDE: A guide for plain, pad or double face tape mounted letters.  The letters in a specific copy are spelled out and properly spaced on a long pattern table or computer generated.  A narrow (approximately 2") piece of paper contains small hash marks or plotted lower portions of the letters.  This guide is then secured to the wall with tape by the installer and provides a visual guide for installing letters.